More Vinho Verde in Germany and Switzerland
18 April 11
After the promotion events that occurred in Germany and Switzerland, authorities of Vinho Verde (CVRVV) believe in an increase in exports.
In a charming action directed towards Central Europe, the Vinho Verde showed up to about 250 professionals, including journalists, importers, buyers and restaurants, with results that promise an increase in exports to Germany and Switzerland who won 8,2 million euros in 2010. Germany is the second largest market for Vinho Verde, with about 6,6 million Euro volume. It will probably maintain its growth tendency. António Cerdeira - the representative of the Commission of the Viticulture of Vinho Verde (CVRVV) – considered these promotional activities as successful. In Switzerland, the seventh export destination in 2010, the representatives of the 61 brands present in the action brought new orders, particularly Sousa Vins, Amarela and Riesling & Co. "The prospects for short and medium term are very satisfactory," said the representative who accompanied CVRVV producers of Vinho Verde to Switzerland and Germany, adding that two factors contributed to "the very positive outcome" of the Zurich and Berlin trips. First: "Unique characteristics of vinho verde as its freshness, youth and low-alcohol are highly appreciated by Swiss and German consumers." Second: "The quality of guest speakers. In Berlin, the sommelier Hendrik Thoma is highly prestigious and has followers everywhere in Germany, so that easily had the room filled with journalists, sommeliers and importers. In Zurich, the seminar was exemplary conducted by Béatrice Van Strien." Also the winemaker Carlos Teixeira, representative of the Sands Farm, a producer who was part of the CVRVV entourage, acknowledges that "Vinho Verde will continue to grow in Swiss and German markets," because of the interest expressed by the trade in Zurich and Berlin. The 23 producers who took more than 100 brands of Vinho Verde to Zurich and Berlin were the following: Adega Cooperativa de Ponte de Lima, Quinta de Linhares, Aveleda, Quinta da Lourosa, Vinhos Norte, Provam, Lda, Quinta das Arcas, Quinta da Lixa, Quinta de Gomariz, Solar Serrade, Corga of Chã, Quinta de Santa Maria, Sogrape Viniverde, Adega Edmundo, Solar Louredo, Afros Wines, Quinta Santa Cristina, Quinta da Raza, Quinta de Carapeços, Casa Vilacetinho e Vercoope.
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