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  • Vinho Verde Copo Vinho Verde

    Vinho Verde

    It is one of the most original and distinctive regions of Portugal, marked by an extreme Atlantic influence, in a green and humid landscape, with cool temperatures and abundant rainfall.

    • Vinho Verde


    Get to know Vinho Verde's Region
  • Trás-os-Montes Copo Trás-os-Montes


    It is located in the remote northeast of continental Portugal, separated from the coast by a series of mountains where Marão stands out.

    • Trás-os-Montes


    Get to know Trás-os-Montes' Region
  • Porto and Douro Copo Porto and Douro

    Porto and Douro

    Douro is one of the wildest and most rugged regions in Portugal, carved by the valley of the Douro River and the poverty of the schistous soils.

    • Douro


    • Porto


    Get to know Porto's and Douro's Region
  • Távora and Varosa Copo Távora and Varosa

    Távora and Varosa

    Due to its morphological characteristics of a valley embedded at high altitude, the small region of Távora-Varosa is especially suited to the production of sparkling wines. It was the first national wine region to be demarcated for the production of DOC sparkling wine in 1989.

    • Távora-Varosa


    Get to know Távora's and Varosa's Region
  • Dão and Lafões Copo Dão and Lafões

    Dão and Lafões

    Surrounded by mountains in all directions, based on very poor granite soils, the Dão region extends its vineyards scattered among pine forests at different altitudes, from 1,000 metres in the Serra da Estrela to 200 metres in the lower areas.

    • Lafões


    • Dão


    Get to know Dão and Lafões Region
  • Bairrada Copo Bairrada


    It is a flat, coastal region that develops along a maritime coastal strip, with a marked Atlantic influence, with abundant rainfall and mild average temperatures.

    • Bairrada


    Get to know Bairradas' Region
  • Beira Interior Copo Beira Interior

    Beira Interior

    It is the most mountainous region of continental Portugal, comprising some of the highest mountains in the country.

    • Beira Interior


    Get to know the Region of Beira Interior
  • Lisboa Copo Lisboa


    The rolling hills that stretch along the Atlantic coast north of Lisbon are home to some of the most productive and heterogeneous areas in Portugal.

    • Encostas D'Aire


    • Óbidos


    • Alenquer


    • Arruda


    • Torres Vedras


    • Lourinhã


    • Bucelas


    • Carcavelos


    • Colares


    Get to know Lisboa Region
  • Tejo Copo Tejo


    The Tejo region is located in the very heart of Portugal, a short drive from the capital city of Lisbon. Pulsing with a rich heritage, Tejo claims a bounty of historical treasures scanning the pages of time, from Roman ruins and Gothic castles, to Manueline monasteries and medieval hilltop villages. To the Portuguese, Tejo is known as the land of vineyards, olive groves, cork forests, Mertolengo cattle, and the famous Lusitano horses.

    • Do Tejo


    Get to know Tejo's Region
  • Península de Setúbal Copo Península de Setúbal

    Península de Setúbal

    Peninsula de Setúbal varies between flat, sandy areas and the more mountainous landscape of the Serra da Arrábida.

    • Palmela


    • Setúbal


    Get to know Península de Setúbal Region
  • Alentejo Copo Alentejo


    A region of rolling plains, the Alentejo has a relatively smooth and flat landscape that stretches across almost a third of mainland Portugal.

    • Alentejo


    Get to know Alentejo's Region
  • Algarve Copo Algarve


    Situated in the south of mainland Portugal, the Algarve is separated from the Alentejo plain by an almost unbroken mountain range that runs from the Spanish border to the Atlantic coast.

    • Lagos


    • Portimão


    • Lagoa


    • Tavira


    Get to know Algarve's Region
  • Madeira Copo Madeira


    Madeira wine is a fortified wine with an almost unlimited storage capacity, managing to survive for more than two centuries.

    • Madeira


    • Madeirense


    Get to know Madeira's Region
  • Açores Copo Açores


    The Azores archipelago, made up of nine islands, is located in the Atlantic Ocean, midway between the European and North American continents.

    • Graciosa


    • Biscoitos


    • Pico


    Get to know Açores Wine Region
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