Aliança Underground Museum



Rua do Comércio, nº 444

3781-908 Sangalhos

GPS: 40º 29' 21.52'' N, 8º 28' 17.83'' W

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Telm.: +351 916 482 226

Tel.: +351 234 732 000

Fax: +351 234 732 008

Developed over the traditional underground galleries of the company the museum has opened on April 24, 2010, and is the first underground museum.

It features nine permanent collections that cover areas such as archeology, ethnography, mineralogy, paleontology, ceramic tiles, tins and Indian culture.

Integrated in the great universe of the Berardo Collection, these collections are the result of constant care of the collector José Berardo, in immunizing pieces and works of art from multiple sources and species, with both historical and sentimental meanings, which are derived from most varied imaginary, a gathering of people, places, beliefs and cultures, in perfect symbiosis with the wines, sparkling wines and brandies produced by the company.


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Best Wine Tourism without Accommodation - Prémios W 2010
Honorable Mention by Turismo de Portugal in category "Requalificação Projecto Privado" - 2011


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