ViniPortugal promotes training in wine service for professionals of the Horeca channel
7 September 17
Next sessions will be held on 11 and 27 September in Lisbon and Porto, respectively
ViniPortugal continues with its training schedule in wine service until the end of the year, with sessions in Lisbon and Porto. In addition to the Level I sessions, entitled "How to Qualify the Wine Service", ViniPortugal promotes the first edition of Level II - "The Essence of Wine", with two actions in Porto and one in Lisbon. The formations are part of the "A Copo" campaign, which aims to promote an upgrading on the experience between the consumer and the establishment during the wine tasting. The trainings are targeted to professionals of restaurants, bars, discos or Wines bar. The sessions will take place in the Wines of Portugal Tasting Rooms, located in Lisbon (Terreiro do Paço) and Porto (Palácio da Bolsa). Those interested should register through the e-mail More information on the Facebook page A Copo! "How to Qualify the Service of Wine by Glass" - Level I (Initiation) Contents: - Types of wines - Portuguese grape varieties, regions, climates and soils - Wine-proof initiation - Wine by the glass as a proposal - Wine conservation techniques and instruments Training Schedule: - Lisbon - September 11; 9 of October; 6 of November; December 11 - Porto - September 27; October 30; November 13 "The Essence of Wine" - Level II (Intermediate) Contents: - Introduction to winemaking processes - The 14 regions and their DOC's and IG's - Wine Tasting - Visual Examination, Olfactory and Tasting - Drinking with "Moderation and Responsibility" - The importance of packaging: how to interpret the label - The process and the sales mechanisms Training Schedule: - Porto - 18th of September; November 20 - Lisbon - October 2
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