Best sommelier of the world comes to Lisbon
31 January 17
Andreas Larsson comes to Lisbon to blind taste and evaluate some of the best Portuguese wines
Between 28 February and 4 March 2017, Andreas Larsson come to Lisbon to blind taste and evaluate some of the best Portuguese wines. The initiative, organized between Wines of Portugal and Tasted100%Blind will be held at Wine and Vine commission headquarters, Lisbon. The event comes before Stockholm Food & Wine in Älvsjö, from 10-13 November 2017. Andreas Larsson was considered the ‘Best Sommelier of the World’ (2007, ASI) and is the wine director at the renowned restaurant PM & Vänner in Växjö in Sweden. Larsson is known for his discerning palate and s a highly sought after taster, speaker and educator within the vast field of gastronomy, food, wine and other beverages. Local producers are invited to subscribe and register their wines for either the evaluation and the fair, or just the evaluation.
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