Germany focus on Wines of Portugal promotion in November
3 November 16
Next November 14 in Hamburg Campus and 18-21 November in Wines of Portugal Weekend Munich
The Wines of Portugal will hold promotional events this November in Germany. In order to enhance knowledge and awareness about the Portuguese wines in this market, ViniPortugal joins the Hamburg Campus on 14th November and organize the first Wines of Portugal Weekend Munich from 18 to 21 November. Hamburg Campus will be held in Hamburg and will include a strong educational component. This event will include different workshops and seminars about the Portuguese wines, including a limited wine tasting to 15 producers. This event will disseminate the knowledge about the Wines of Portugal. Exclusive to top professionals, ON AND OFF trade, the initiative will stimulate brainstorming, discuss and increase the knowledge about Portuguese wines, as well as divulge projects of the companies and Viticulture Committees of Lisbon, Tejo and Alentejo. During the event will be held the Wines of Portugal Academy Level III, the workshop Train the trainers, and six other workshops conducted by prestigious speakers as Sebastian Bordthäuser, Stephanie Döring, Antonio R.Graca, Caro Maurer (MW) and Hendrik Thoma (MS). The event ends with a special wine tasting and the WPT Open final with an award ceremony. The Wines of Portugal Weekend in Munich will be promoted for the first time by ViniPortugal, from 18-21 November. The event starts with an open dining to consumers on Friday, followed by a promotional guide through the Munich stores during Saturday and finishes with a classic wine tasting, on Monday, exclusive to professionals. All consumers and wine lovers from Munich will be invited to participate in the harmonized dinner with Portuguese wines, led by the journalist David Schwarzwalder on 18th November. The promotional action in retail will be held on November 19 and will involve about 9 wine stores located in central Munich, which organize special moments with the Portuguese wines. The program includes wine tastings, harmonization with Portuguese snacks, seminars, and other initiatives. To encourage the participation and the distribution in the participating stores, the itineraries will be designed by different spaces, and the consumers will be challenged to follow the script. The Wines of Portugal Weekend event in Munich will close on 21 November with a classic wine tasting for 150 professionals.
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