Wines of Portugal are heading to Norway
16 September 15
Oslo receives the Wines of Portugal annual tasting, next 5th October, at 12 pm, in the Det Norske Teatret. The Wine Tasting is part of the 2015 Promotion Plan and aims to take advantage of business opportunities with Norwegian trade.
More than 30 Portuguese winemakers promote the knowledge about the Portuguese wines, enhancing its awareness, amongst the Norwegian monopoly, trade, media and wine clubs about Portuguese wine. Program: 12pm – 2pm Wine tasting for importers, distributors and press 4pm – 7pm Wine Clubs and consumers 12pm – 7pm Open session to monopoly buyers in a separate room To strengthen Portuguese wines image in the Northern Europe market is one of ViniPortugal’s main goals. Norway is part of the Nordic market that is conditioned by state monopoly, which imposes some limits to alcoholic beverages’ promotion and sales. Oslo annual tasting is part of ViniPortugal Promotion Plan to northern Europe, which projects the enhancement of national wines at several events, education and communication programs in Sweden and Norway, including the organization of two annual events in Stockholm and Oslo.
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