Benguela and Luanda receive Portugal wine tasting
30 June 15
Angola highlights the Wines of Portugal with two Grand Wine Tastings, on 30th of June and 3rd of July, at Aparthotel Mil Cidades and Complexo Paz Flôr, in Benguela and Luanda, respectively.
ViniPortugal organizes two Grand Wine Tastings next 30th of June and 3rd of July, in Benguela and Luanda. The main purpose of this initiatives is to raise knowledge and enhance awareness about the Portuguese wines. The first wine tasting will be held on 30th of June, at Aparthotel Mil Cidades, Benguela, from 4pm and 10pm. The second wine tasting will be held on 3rd of July, at Complexo Paz Flôr, Luanda, from 5.30pm to 12am. Angola has become a relevant market to the Portuguese wines and these had a significant growth and a sustained increase of the sales in value. In 2014 the imports of Portuguese wine pointed out the value of 95.5 million euros, an increase of 1.9% compared to 2013. The two Grand Tastings have the purpose of celebrate the success of Portuguese wines in this market, looking to consolidate the relationship between Angola and the Wines of Portugal. Benguela wine tasting will bring together 214 wines from 44 winemakers, represented in 24 tables. The major national wine brands will attend the event in Angola. The trade - importers and distributors - as well as the final consumers will be invited to taste good national wines in a relaxed and informal environment. In Luanda, the wine tasting, will welcome 289 wines from 52 winemakers and will be divided in two sessions. Between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, will be realized a commented tasting targeted to a narrow range of reference guests. From 6.30 pm to 12am, the wine tasting will be available to the consumers and the other guests. In this session you can experience the best of national wines and the novelties on the market. The 32 tables will expose the leading brands of Portuguese wines represented in Angola that will be evaluated by a professional audience - importers and distributors, along with the final consumer. Jorge Monteiro, ViniPortugal CEO, says that "One of the new strategies of the Wines of Portugal promotion is based on the territorial extension, investing in the approximation to the regional markets particularly in Benguela Province, in Angola. Recognizing that Luanda is the largest center for Portuguese wine consumption, it’s right to say that the secondary cities are also very important and deserve to be worked on. In 2015 the strategy will remain focused on sustaining the position in the Capital of Luanda as well as conquer and strengthen the position in other major cities. At the moment is being analyzed the expansion to Huambo and Lubango."
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