Madeira Wines Henriques & Henriques and Justino's Madeira Wines in tasting at Porto Tasting Room
19 March 15
Tomorrow, 20th March, starting at 6.30 pm, at Wines of Portugal Tasting Room, in Porto
Henriques & Henriques and Justino's Madeira Wines present unique harvests and traditional blends, made from traditional grape varieties of Madeira Wines, next Friday, March 20, at 6.30 pm, in Palácio da Bolsa, Porto. ViniPortugal launches the challenge of discovering Madeira Wines through two reference winemakers. Although the two companies have been recently acquired by the Gran Cruz Porto Group, retain their distinctive and authentic character being only united in the pursuit of international quality reference. Wines in Tasting: 3 GFS Justino's Madeira Harvest 1995 750ml (Black Ink) 3 GFS Justino's Madeira Harvest 1996 750ml (Black Ink) 3 GFS H & H Single Harvest 1997 (Black Ink) 3 GFS H & H Single Harvest Sercial 2001 3 GFS Justino's Madeira Verdelho 10 years 3 GFS Justino's Madeira Boal 10 Years 3 GFS H & H Terrantez 20 Years 3 GFS H & H Malvasia 20 years The company Justino's Madeira Wines is one of the oldest winemakers and exporters of Madeira wine. Established in Madeira Island in 1870, Justino's Madeira Wines currently holds one of the largest stocks, including high quality wines aged in oak barrels, which allows the company to meet the desire of consumers, increasingly demanding and selective. Founded in 1850, the Henriques & Henriques company is the largest independent winemaker of Madeira wine. It is also the only company to have its own vineyards. The Henriques family was descended from D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, and owns vineyards on the island of Madeira, in Câmara de Lobos, from the XV century. In 1968, the business owner, John Henriques, died and, having no direct heirs, left its actions to three friends. Two of these friends, Peter Cossart and Carlos Nunes Pereira delivered the company to the future generations. Currently, the CEO of the company is Dr. Humberto Garden and Mr. Luis Pereira is the winemaker. Wine tasting registration is required by e-mail and has a cost of 5€. Other information can be requested to Daniela Macedo, by the same e-mail or phone 22 33 23 072/96 637 11 02.
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