Discussion about Sustainability in Vineyard
15 January 15
The first Technical Symposium about Sustainability in Vineyard, January 15, starts at 9.30 am, in the Academy of Technical Sciences of Lisbon
The purpose of the first Technical Symposium about Sustainability in Vineyard is to promote the innovation in vineyard and discuss new perspectives for the sector. The event will be held tomorrow, 15th January, in the Academy of Technical Sciences of Lisbon, starting at 9.30 am. The initiative is organized and supported jointly with the JBP-Plansel, IVV - Institute of Vine and Wine, ViniPortugal, Wine Commission of the Alentejo Region, INIAV, Viticert, Viveiros Plansel, Lisbon Academy of Sciences and has also sponsored by Bayer Portugal . Several national and international experts, associated to innovation and economic sustainability in the vine, will participate in this space of reflection and discussion in order to formulate the priorities, taking full advantage of the opportunities generated by the new EU Framework Programme Research. "Innovation by selection and using the genetic wealth" and "Ranking of strategies for the economy in the vine in Portugal" will be among the topics discussed at the Seminar. The first Technical Symposium on Sustainability in Vineyard will also be a privileged stage to reflect on the improvement of the Portuguese vineyards productivity. At the same time, it’s important to established contact with other parts of the globe, preserving the quality and typicality of wines. During the Seminar will be debated relevant issues such as the competitiveness of the Portuguese wines. This is a relevant topic because in spite of the quality of Portuguese wine has significantly improved in last decades, and that is showed with the international recognitions, the average productivity, 3,000 l / hectare, remains one of the lowest in the European Union. More information about the program and registration can be found on site PROGRAM I) Opening Session 9:30 h |.. Academy of Sciences, Mr. Jorge Monteiro - ViniPortugal, Mr. Frederick Hawk - IVV II) Second Session | State of the Art of technological knowledge in the national and international viticulture. Prof. Carlos Lopes, Dr. Nick Dokoozlian, Prof. Reiner Schultz 10:00 | Economic Survey of wine situation and the strategies to improve sustainability in the Portuguese viticulture. IVV Statistical Returns, Carlos Lopes, Prof. ISA 10:30 h | The challenge of lucrative production in the vineyard. Dr. Nick Dokoozlian, Former Professor UC Davis; Vice Pres. E & J Gallo, California 11:15 h | Vineyard management in interaction with the environment, considering the tradition of old world wine and the climate change. Prof. Hans Reiner Schultz, President Geisenheim University 14:30 h | Strategic studies about the adaptability of grape varieties and its clones to environmental conditions by choice and rootstock breeding. Prof. Joachim Schmid, University of Geisenheim. 15:00 h | Availability of vine material certification guarantee; strategies to ensure access of growers to information. Eng. Ricardo Andrade, S. G. Viticert 15:30 h | Coffee IV) Fourth Session | Ranking of the strategies for the economy in the vineyard in Portugal Academy of Sciences, Prof. Timothy Alun Hogg, Dr. Eiras Dias, Prof. Mota Barroso. 16:15 h | Results obtained from the Porter cluster of wine, moderated by the group Monitor 2003 ViniPortugal, Prof. Tim Hogg, Catholic University of Porto. 16:30 h | GO Results - 8.QC-US, PDR 2020 - INIAV Nov. 2014 Dr. Eiras Dias. 16:45 h | Debate on strategy for improving the sustainability in the vineyard. Conclusions 17.00 | Presentationof the ranking about the priority measures for sustainability in the vineyard. 18:00 h | Wine Tasting in charge of ViniPortugal.
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