National wines promoted alongside the Portuguese Ambassadors
5 January 15
ViniPortugal performs tomorrow the presentation of the Wines of Portugal and a commented tasting about the main Portuguese grape varieties. The initiative is part of the Diplomatic Seminar and precedes the lunch also supported by Wines of Portugal.
The Wines of Portugal will be promoted near the Diplomatic Corps, during the second day of the Diplomatic Seminary on the theme “Projecting Portugal”. The event will start at 12.25 pm in Museu do Oriente, Lisboa. The presentation about “ViniPortugal and the Brand Strategy of Wines of Portugal” aims to increase awareness about the Portuguese wines. At the same time will be organized a commented tasting about the main Portuguese grape varieties. The Portuguese wines will be tasted during the lunch in harmonization with the gastronomic menu. As in previous years, ViniPortugal is associated to this meeting which brings together about 130 Ambassadors, Consuls and AICEP’s Delegates. The purpose is to promote the quality of Portuguese wines from the diplomatic corps, senior figures that represent Portugal all over the world and play an influential role, spreading the best of Portugal. Jorge Monteiro, ViniPortugal CEO, points out that “it’s extremely important to ensure a behavior identity between our Diplomatic Corps, Economic Advisers and the strategy implemented by the sector that performs the international promotion of our wines.The purpose is having them as partners on the promotion of Wines Portugal. The participation in the Diplomatic Seminar is an excellent opportunity to divulge, in front of a reference public, messages and values associated to the brand Wines of Portugal and present the main indigenous varieties, underlying that strategy. " The Diplomatic Seminar is an annual initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides the meeting of Ambassadors of Portugal with government officials and representatives of government, the academic world, the business community and the several strategic sectors to analyze and reflect on the most relevant topics of interest to the Portuguese foreign policy.
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