Wines of Portugal Forum highlighted the topics cooperation, joint international promotion and the approximation to the tourism sector
28 November 14
The sustained growth of wine exports druing the last five years are an incentive to strengthen the promotion and the market share in the in key strategic markets.
The Wines of Portugal Fórum held on Hotel Palace Curtia, 26 th November presented to the attendees a statement about this year and the strategy and the expected goals for the next three years. The idea of a united sector with shared objectives was quite explicit druing the Forum, with the largest Regional Wine Committees and the ViniPortugal in clear articulated action with the aegis of the IVV. The closer cooperation among all the responsible for the international Portuguese wine promotion was marked last Wednesday with the presentation of the Common Promotional Agenda for 2015. The presentation of this Agenda resulted from previous work between the different marketing teams. In the same way was also demonstrated the acuity of a further approximation with the Wine tourism sector. The Turismo de Portugal CEO, João Cotrim Figueiredo, highlighted the opening for enhancing partnerships already initiated in 2014, under the Portocol signed with ViniPortugal. The Professor Licinio Cunha presentation pointed the values of experience and authenticity, as fundamentals for tourism promotion in Portugal. Today, these values are already associated to the Wines of Portugal brand in its approach to the key markets, which makes it easier and timelier the rapprochement between the wine product and the tourism product. Moreover the Forum pointed to the importance of take advantage the visit of tourists to Portugal, to raise awareness and education about the characteristics of our wines, whose whose diversity is their main attribute. Educate them here allows us to effortlessly conquer future prescribers of national wines. Frédéric Julia, International Vertumne CEO, addressed the complementarity between the promotion of private and collective brands, especially the high investment required for the international promotion of private label. Although the consumer, as it increases their level of knowledge about wine tend to better perceive the private brands, the requirements for financial effort advise the need to maintain investment in collective brands are the DOC or the brand Country. At the end of the Forum ViniPortugal highlighted that Portuguese wine exports maintained a sustained growth in the past five years, stating that this growth was higher in the priority markets. Jorge Monteiro, ViniPortugal CEO, said that dares to believe that exports will continue to grow because the sector is united around common strategies and objectives. José Diogo Albuquerque, Secretary of State for Agriculture, praised the joint strategy and encouraged exports, arguing that the higher exports more funds may be channeled for export. Paulo Porta, Vice-Prime Minister, sent a video message in which he emphasized that "Today is not possible to speak of Portugal without the wine." He praised the modern image of domestic wine and investment in industry restructuring, which contributed to the wine today, be a reference in innovation and sophistication.
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