Portuguese wine is the best buy in United Kingdom
19 November 14
Europe goes beyond New World wines in value for money. Portugal leads the group, offering great wine at an excellent price.
According with Wotwine review, the Portuguese wines on sale on UK supermarkets offer considerably more value for money than the wines from other countries. The supermarket wine app (which proves more than 4.2800 wines) found 65% of Portuguese wines on sale on UK supermarket shelves, which offer extra value for money. The Wotwine discover that Port, which was reviewed during the important Christmas season, is the best value wine in the World. “Portugal is producing characterful well-made wines of real interest, and the various different regions and grape varietals grown from the north Douro region down to the Algarve gives some wonderful variety of styles, tastes and flavours.They have the taste of the sun and thousands of years of wine-growing tradition, and represent cracking value too” says Orsi Szentkiralyi, wotwine's tasting manager. Fonts: PR Newswire's e Wotwine
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