Responsible Service encourages the responsible wine consumption
10 November 14
APHORT, ACIBEV, ViniPortugal and Sogrape together in the launching of a workshop targeted to Horeca Norte high profile entrepreneurs and authorities of civil society.
The promotion of a Responsible Service which encourages the responsible wine consumption was the purpose that joint the APHORT – Associação Portuguesa de Hotelaria Restauração e Turismo – and the ACIBEV - Associação de Vinhos e Espirituosas de Portugal with the support of ViniPortugal and Sogrape Vinhos. The entities launched a workshop program about responsible service targeted for high profile entrepreneurs from the hotel and catering professionals from Porto and North of the country, and the authorities of civil society. “Responsible Service develops the Sustainable Business” is the slogan which firms the commitment with the Fórum Nacional de Álcool e Saúde. Rodrigo Pinto Bastos, APHORT CEO said that “This way, we are developing, for the first time in Portugal, something that already exists in other countries, a special workshop program about Responsible Service of wine ”, congratulating himself for having completed « an important stage, with the public presentation of the manual “Responsible Service develops the Sustainable Business”». During his speech, the APHORT CEO highlighted the importance of wine in the Horeca sector, justifying that “more and more establishments consider that a good wine service and a carefully wine list can add value to the offer, generate more business and even improve the position of the restaurant on a market evermore demanding and competitive.” He also emphasizes that “APHORT is sensitive to these concerns (about Public Health) and that’s why join in initiatives to reduce the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption, particularly among young people, and in the working environment.” Argued further that they believe “that’s necessary aware all sectors of society (families, public, schools) and not just the authorities and the economic operators “because “all of them have an important function to perform, each one in their field of action. ” In other away Ana Isabel Alves, General Secretary of ACIBEV called the need of moderation when consuming alcoholic beverages and emphasized that this is a project which they consider "very important in changing mindsets." Ana Isabel Alves said that “they are really convinced that combating the alcohol harm, in Portugal, is much more effective through the Education and Formation than by the implementation of outside models decoupled of Portugal cultural context”. Beyond that, she added that «the industry and the professionals from the sector have an important contribution to offer in combating the alcohol abuse and, this way, helping the creation of a “Moderation Culture” ». The General Secretary of ACIBEV highlighted that “there’s always a minority of people that misuse alcoholic beverages in a detrimental way. The program launched by this partnership emerges within the ambit of the program Wine In Moderation, considered one of the best programs implemented under the European Alcohol and Health Forum and developed by the European wine sector. " Jorge Monteiro, ViniPortugal CEO, said that «there’s a constant concern in the professional education in order to educate consumers to “drink better” ». Jorge Monteiro also mentioned that “the only way to sustain the business is sustaining the consumption”. He firmly believes that reducing the business profitability should not be questioned because “for the same price we can drink better, even if we drink less”. Vasco Magalhães, Sogrape Wine Educator, said that “the Responsible Service is a social agreement”, suggesting the need of “defend the wine culture, its people, its landscape and its moderate consumption in the economic and social environment which allows the sustainable development of responsible businesses, and encouraging cultural changes in the approach to consuming alcohol”. Vasco Magalhães also emphasized that the moderate consumption must be sustained to the promotion of moderation and responsibility, in other words, supporting the message of the wine as a premium product which means that should be savored slowly and moderately consumed. The Sogrape Wine Educator suggested “four important steps in the implementation of a Responsible Service: Understand the Power of Alcohol, Know the Law, Create the Right Environment and Face the difficulties”.
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