National partners together for a Responsible Wine Service
23 October 14
Presentation and release of the Responsible Service workshop for HORECA, 28th October, beginning at 5.30 pm, at Hotel Dom Henrique Downtown, Porto
“Responsible Service develops the Sustainable Business” is the slogan which drives the partnership between the APHORT – “Associação Portuguesa de Hotelaria Restauração e Turismo” and the ACIBEV – “Associação de Vinhos e Espirituosas de Portugal”, with the support of Viniportugal and Sogrape Vinhos. Together in a commitment with the Fórum Nacional de Álcool e Saúde, the partners will present a workshop program about the Responsible Service. The event is targeted for high profile entrepreneurs from the hotel and catering professionals from Porto and North of the country. This tasting will be held at Hotel Infante Dom Henrique Downtown, next Tuesday, 28th October. Program: 5.30 pm – Check in 6 pm – Opening Session 6.15 pm – Program presentation and stage play about the topics involved in the workshop 7 pm – Wine tasting pairing appetizers 8 pm – Closing Session Organized in three parts, this project aims to reach a large number of owners, managers, professionals, barmen and sommeliers from Horeca service. The initiative will start with a program promotion to the hotel and catering professionals, authorities and media. The project bets on a strong workshop program and will be held at central places. The purpose is aware the hotel and catering professionals about the Responsible Service of alcoholic drinks and explain how to solve the problems caused by the alcohol abuse. The sessions will last about 2-4 hours. These sessions will be strengthened with an “ON-LINE” program, which include the possibility to participate on a workshop program – with wide access – about the Responsible Service, with an online exam. The program allows the issue of compliance certificates, which will be accepted by the APHORT members as an employment competence requirement. The APHORT CEO, Rodrigo Pinto Barros, says that “This program is a way to respond to the innovation of hotel, catering and tourism sectors. The success of the business must be only supported by the best quality of service and through the presentation of solutions to who is looking for them”. Jorge Monteiro, ViniPortugal CEO, explains that “when the wine is understood as a product of pleasure, the consumption must be responsible and reasonable. On this away, the HORECA professionals are a crucial instrument in the educational process, close to the consumer”. George Sandeman, ACIBEV CEO, adds that «The commitment of wine and spirits operators, associated to the ACIBEV, is to change the culture of mainstreaming to alcoholic beverages, promoting a responsible and reasonable consumption, with programs like “Wine in Moderation”, the sectorial commitment to Fórum Europeu de Álcool e Saúde».
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