Wines of Portugal get the spotlight in Belgium
22 October 14
Portugal is the guest country of the Megavino 2014, the most important wine fair of this market, which will be held on 24th and 27th October.
Portugal is the guest country of the most important wine fair in Belgium – Megavino, which will be held on 24th and 27th October. The event has the purpose of increase knowledge and awareness about Portuguese wines and that’s why 30 Portuguese winemakers, from different regions of the country, will attend to the event. Megavino is an excellent way to promote the Wines of Portugal since it attracts about 28,000 attendees (23,000 final consumers + 5000 professionals). Jorge Monteiro, Viniportugal CEO, says that “this invitation represents a great opportunity to increase the Portuguese wines promotion, in the Belgian market. Although not part of the strategic markets this represents a growing trend towards the exports. The Portuguese wines stand out in culture and tradition and communicate an image of strong quality and consistency, which is a unique and differentiating proposal”. This invitation will provide more visibility to Portugal, since it is the guest country.
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