Joshua Greene conquered by Portuguese wines
5 August 13
North American wine expert was in Portugal to select the 50 great Portuguese wines for the U.S.
In its third and last stay in Portugal, Joshua Greene finished the tasting of Portuguese Wines that was done in order to compose his selection of the 50 great Portuguese wines for the U.S. market. The North American critic and wine specialist tasted over 600 Portuguese wines from various national regions. "It was difficult to choose only 50 wines", said the expert who revealed to have tried to "choose traditional wines" and make a selection that reflects his taste and how he knows and sees Portugal. He admires "how wines are expressed differently in different regions. There are consistent characteristics and grape varieties change. " Questioned about the size of Portuguese producers and opportunities in the U.S. market, Joshua Greene considered that "there are opportunities for small producers in the U.S.", but the producers must choose a geographical area as the North American market is huge and therefore difficult to tackle. For over 30 years Joshua Greene has known Portugal, having traveled extensively through our country. The starting point was a vacation spent in Estremoz and Évora, in which he discovered an amazing country and where it seemed impossible to find wines for $ 1. He states that "regardless of how many times he comes here, there are always new things in wine, because producers evolve in the way of understanding the grape varieties, soils and how to cultivate in a way that is always exciting". The disclosure of Joshua Greene's selection of the 50 great Portuguese wines for the U.S. market is scheduled for January 16th, 2014, in New York, and the participation of the producers selected is expected in this important exhibition of the national production.
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