Wines of Portugal workshops in China
20 May 13
From 20th to 25th May, Wines of Portugal will be in Hong Kong and Macau.
ViniPortugal is organizing 6 workshops about Portuguese wines in Hong Kong and Macau from 20th to 25th May. Considering the 700,000 euros investment for the Chinese market, Viniportugal promotes these events targeting the Chinese trade. The workshops will be lead by João Paulo martins, a well-known Portuguese wine critic, and will be attended by sommeliers, F&B managers e trade. The workshops are organized in partnership with the Hong Kong Sommelier Association (HKSA) and the Macau Tourism Institute (IFT). One of these actions will be included in the Wine & Dine Macau Festival. Hong Kong will also receive an Wines of Portugal wine tasting exclusively to press and opinion makers to promote Portuguese wines flavors and knowledge. “Portugal should have a strong presence in China supported by excellent quality wines made from indigenous grape varieties. With a 22.6% growth in value from 2011 to 2012, China is still one of the markets with a high grow potential. Although producers should be aware that it’s also a very competitive market. ViniPortugal believes that Portuguese wines can be succeed with a strategic plan based on quality and diverse wines”, declares Jorge Monteiro, VinIPortugal CEO.
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