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28 September 11
ViniPortugal will organize two parties (Lisbon and Oporto) that aims to promote the consumption of wine glasses instead of bottles.
The initiative will be held on 7th and 8th October in Galerias de Paris and Cândido dos Reis Streets in Oporto and in the next weekend (14 and 15 October) in Lisbon at Rua da Barroca, Bairro Alto. Restaurants and bars of both cities will collaborate with Viniportugal and offer a unique price for wine tastings: 1.50 euros each glass. A wine list with basic information about the wines available, appropriate glasses for a tasting, street decoration in order to commemorate the activities and a set of musical and theatrical street performances are planned for both parties. The parties are an initiative of ViniPortugal and part of Wine in Moderation campaign, an Initiative of the European wine sector to promote responsible and moderate consumption of wine and prevention drug abuse in Europe.
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