International Sommeliers elect fortified wines from Portugal
23 March 11
Some Portuguese rarities were tasted in the last Saturday. At the Pousada de Linhares da Beira were, among others, nine renowned sommeliers who were responsible of ranking some treasures - including centenarians - of the fortified wine in Portugal.
In the prestigious jury you could find some personalities such as Cristina Alcalá (Spain), Dirceu Jr. (Master of Wine from Brazil), Eric Boschman (Master of Wine from Belgium) and Paolo Basso (Switzerland). The British critics Sarah Ahmed, Jamie Goode and Tim Atkin (Master of Wine) also joined the jury. The wines elected are: Moscatel: 1 - Moscatel de Setúbal Apoteca 1905 (JMF) 2 - Moscatel de Setúbal Roxo 20 anos (JMF) 3 - Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal Superior 1983 Vintage Port: 1 - A. A. Ferreira Garrafeira 1863 (Sogrape) 2 - Borges Vintage 1963 (Borges) 3 - Sandeman Vintage 1963 (Sogrape) Tawny Port: 1 - Andresen 1910 (Andresen) 2 - Poças Colheita 1964 (Poças) 3 - Kopke Colheita 1937 (Kopke/Sogevinus) Madeira: 1 - Malvasia 1875 do Garrafão N.º 2 (Barbeito) 2 - Madeira Wine Company Bual 1963 (Madeira Wine Company) 3 - Justino's Madeira Terrantez 1978 (Justino's)
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