Originally from the Douro region, Rabigato is grown throughout the Upper Douro.

In the past, it was mistakenly related to Rabo de Ovelha, a variety with which it bears no resemblance. Rabo de Ovelha also erroneously adopted the Rabigato designation in the Vinho Verde region, with which it has no similarity whatsoever. The wines offer lively and well balanced acidity, good alcoholic strengths, freshness and structure, characteristics that have raised it to the status of a promising variety in the Douro. It has medium-sized bunches and small yellowish green berries. It may, in the best locations, be vinified on its own, offering aromatic notes of acacia and orange blossom, vegetable sensations and, traditionally, a bold minerality. It is, however, in the mouth that justifies its reputation, with a biting and penetrating acidity, capable of rejuvenating the whites of the Upper Douro.

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