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About Arinto variety

This is a versatile grape, grown in most of Portugal's wine regions.

It produces vibrant wines with lively acidity, refreshing and with a strong mineral character, with a high aging potential. The firm acidity is the main calling card of the Arinto caste, guaranteeing it the adjective of "improving" caste in many Portuguese regions. If in Bucelas the grape variety reaches its zenith, it is in the Alentejo and Tejo that its assistance is more fruitful, due to the contribution of acidity which is so indispensable and difficult to obtain. It presents medium-sized bunches, compact and with small berries. It is a relatively discrete caste, without any particular aspirations of exuberance, favouring notes of green apple, lime and lemon. It is frequently used in the production of blended wines and also sparkling wines.

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