Luis Pato

Luis_Pato.jpegAfter 20 and something years having the pleasure of tasting Luis Pato wines we can be sure that every year we may taste some of the greatest Portuguese wines, what does not mean that there willnot be a big chance of being surprised (again) for still another unconventional wine, one extra irreverence and provocation, side by side with its serious and complex wines. The years of serious and rigorous work in a region not always up to his level, have not prevented Luis Pato of continuously innovating, of reinventing himself, of looking for new challenges, new thinking in Portuguese wine making. Everywhere is known as “Mr. Baga”, to the extent of its devotion to the cause of one of the most hard and strongest in character Portuguese native grape varities. He developed Baga in different types of soils and in vines with different ages, even planting young vines directly in the soil defying Phylloxera, transforming one vineyard in one of Portugal’s icons, the Quinta do Ribeirinho Baga Pé Franco.