Esporo.jpegIt is one of the most respected houses in Portugal, capable of producing wonderful wines in all segments, from the most exclusive to the most mainstream. An eclectic house that made a revolution in Alentejo and with Portuguese wines, adding, amongst other details, labels developed by contemporary artists that are renewed every year, promoting Portuguese culture as much as Alentejo wines. Before Esporão investing in Reguengos de Monsaraz, Alentejo was a mirage, an unknown region that just a few associated to wine. The date chosen could not be worse, by the end of 1973, one year before the April 1974 democratic revolution in Portugal that would led to the occupation and nationalization of the Esporão estate, stopping the project before it begins. The rest, just after the property was restored after the excesses of the post-democratic revolution, shows that man’s vision may change the destiny of an entire region, providing an unforeseen future. Today it is one of the greatest of Portugal, capable of associating quality to quantity, solving brilliantly one of the most difficult equations to control, associating two causes that rarely go hand in hand. What most impresses, mainly to the Portuguese dimension, are not the half a dozen millions of bottles of Monte Velho, of Alandra or Vinha da Defesa, but the large hundreds of thousands of bottles of Esporão Reserva, white and red, wines that continue to stand up as a role model of Alentejo, with a label that each year is commissioned to a different artist.